Thursday, 14 October 2010


Saturday and i play a waiting game, just get through the day, then i am told at 5 pm a bed is ready for me at queens and i need to wait for ambulance transport, but they are busy so it could be any time, in the mean time husband and daughter come and see me, they have spent so much time back and forth and without them and my son i think i would have gone mad before now.

The shift change is happening on the ward for nights will i or wont i go? suddenly the crew from the ambulance arrive and they are both lovely really chatty and surprised to see me as i was on the 'stroke' ward as they called it and they were not expecting me chatting away to them.

We got to Queens by 9.45 pm and was i in for a shock back onto a six bay lights noise drips pingging away and a very busy ward.

Seen by two different doctors before i could just lie down, one who explained that the procedure i was to undergo was a brain biopsy,with added risks etc, really scared now.

After some time nurses come and chat to me i let them know that i do not sleep due to the steroids,welcome to have drinks if i want in the night, that sounds so good.

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