Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A week of doubt

The day after this seizure i spoke to my manager at work who told me i was not to go back untill i had seen the neurologist, I was feeling preety much out of sych with the world anyway so no argument from me about this.

Thought i could spend some time just gardening and generally catching up on housework, yes that's right all the boring stuff.

A week later went up to the doctors, just cause i still felt out of sych, explained all about the stuff that had happened, lovely doctor said she would chase up the fit clinic appointment, went home and had a phone call to say my name was not there yet they will chase up next week again.

Husband is saying lets go out for a bit, so we do and enjoy a little local walk and coffee, just coming home and i have another fit, in the car and boy is this one different, it is just my left side and i can hear every word said to me but not talk back, he takes me to the hospital again and to cut the story short they admit me to the EAU and say a CT scan over the weekend is the plan.

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