Thursday, 14 October 2010

That Scan

Anyway Saturday dawns and i am feeling just a kittle bit nervous of what lies ahead, chatting to some of the others on the bay i am on passes a little time and then a porter comes and takes me on the longest journey of my life so far, it did feel like it. He was chattereing away about all sorts and nothing but this was nice to hear.

I have a scan and the technician says to stay on the table a little while longer while someboby has a look at it, so the nurse who came with us stood chattering with me, looking at a beautiful beach picture on the ceiling imagining that a gorgeous man is stood there with me taking care of all my needs, rapidily bought back to earth when the technician says just need to do one more scan with some contrast in, all this is explained to me and away i go into the scanner again,m metalic taste in my mouth and feeling that i am peeing myself, all quite normal for this contrast, though not for me. Back to the ward and waiting.

Couple of hours later a doctor comes with a nurse, pulls the curtains round and sits down on the bed,wow this is something, he told me there is some inflammation and other arears of concern on my scan and i will be started immedialty on steroids to try to reduce the inflammation, then tells me that these could make me a little hyper.

PANIC PANIC PANIC, Rang my husband and just dried up, eventually got it out i needed him as soon as possible, he got to me and i just could not get it out to him, so got him to get the doctor as he was still there, sat on the bed again and was halfway through explaining what was found to him and i go into another fit, OMG, how much more can i take, but the doctor was just so good putting me on some anti-convulsive straight away and trying just to reassure both of us. Got to stop in hospital for sure now and will see neurology on monday.

The rest of saturday was just such a nightmare to me, just felt numb and scared, did not sleep at all, just laid crying most of the night.

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