Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Mask fitting

Well I have had the phone call from the hospital today, my first mask fitting is on Thursday the 28th October, this date now makes all this so real now, but at least I can start my fight in earnest, but I do feel very nervous and scared, I suppose anybody facing there own mortality would feel like this.

I have to go again on Tuesday the 2nd for a CT scan to map my brain and more fitting and simulation, I suppose if this all goes well my Radio therapy will start on the following monday, wow this is real now, but I just want to get this started and fight this horrible disease, and at least getting it started and if the dates carry through I should have finished by the 17th December, what a date just in time for Christmas, hope I can be well as this may be the last, I certainly hope it will not be but I really do have to think of things like this.

Must admit it is a good reason for having a very quiet Christmas this year which is something I would look forward to I really do not feel like celebrating much, just sitting with my lovely husband and children and enjoying a quiet time of treasuring each other.


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