Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The day my life changed!

The day started just like any other day, quite boring really, up, washed dressed, had some breakfast and off to work, The day passed me by in its usual coasting way, we were supposed to be having a staff meeting but that went out of the window cause nobody was coming, the few of us at work were sat round the table having a chat.

I suddenly felt pain in my left arm and pins and needles, thought it was a heart attack, but things were to change, I understand now that i went into a full seizure that lasted five minutes, paramedics were called and was concerned about me, going through the whole rigmarole of heart trace etc, but unable to get an ambulance to transport to hospital for some time, me reamaining very much out of it during all this time(maybe this was for the best).

When i eventally got to the hospital, all the bloods and everything were coming back ok, so after some intial concern i was simply refered to first fit clinic with nerology, packed off home feeling very tired and just a little bit scared.

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