Friday, 5 November 2010

Mask pictures and fitting

Well my mask is made now, CT scan is complete for mapping onto the mask, all the marks should be on it ready when I have my simulation, not yet heard when this will be, but should be soon, it all went well even though it is just a bit scary, the mask fits like a glove over my whole head and is fastened down to what can only be described as a sort of peg board by two plugs each side of the mask, it is really quite strange to have this perspex form over my whole head and face, but I think I will get used to it and at least I know it will make sure that the radiotherapy is directed where it should be.

Just a little picture of the process if you can stand it, the one with the cap on is the first part, form the nose holes to breathe, then the blue stuff forms the mask, then plaster is applied over this to ensure the ridgity of the mask and the actual mask is then made from the inside of it.

Must admit I now just want to get my treatment started, I am being a little impatient though, as I know that my Brain biopsy has to be given 5-7 weeks to recover from and I will admit that I think I am gaining my weakness back in my left side a little more each day, so it is a good thing.

Had another letter from the hospital today and I have got to go there on Monday for a talk about the chemotherapy side of treatment, 2, 45minute sessions with the chemo nurses, more questions I can have answered, maybe even more that I will ask?


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